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Page 1(greetings)*** Page 2(romance)*** Page 3 (old sweet porno)*** Page 4

Page 5*** Page 6(pictures)*** Page 7(pictures)*** Page 8 (death and love)
Page 9 (nature)*** Page 10 (nature)*** Page 11 (nature)*** Page 12 (a city-side)
Page 13(misc colored)*** Page 14(color)*** Page 15 (serie of little girl)***
Old Soviet cards till `70 (Happy New Year) new! Page 50*** new! Page 51*** new! Page 52***
Old Soviet cards `70-80 (Great October days) new! Page 53.
Old Soviet cards (misc) Page 99.

new! You can send any of these postcards via email at Kulichki Post Office

If you want, you can buy some cards from my collection. In this case, please, write me a letter. The prices are from $8 to $20.

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