all this pictures are in 320x200 resolution and 256 colors

"space pyramid
emits tangent signals" 12k 6-30-92
shape" 5k 5-07-93

"thick candle reflects in hazy mirror" 10k4-13-92
"une fillette
de l'Unicorn avec l'ordinateur" 13k 6-29-94
first Asy's computer with VGA and HD" 4k 6-03-92
reflects from shattered stand-up" 4k 3-19-92
the duck" 9k 3-30-92
"rose full
of flame on black field" 6k 6-23-92
girl" 11k 4-12-92
ballet girl" 12k 3-26-92
with marriage" 9k 6-25-92
"simple symmetry,
flower and chunk of sky" 27k 6-03-92
the mouse and his girl-friend Minni" 5k 3-28-92
dreams: nice flowers" 16k 4-13-92
pioneer boy in the forest" 4k 3-30-91
"red rat
is the name of russian hackers group" 9k 3-18-92
"space pyramid
emits tangent signals" 7k 3-19-92
"a lonely
sail at the sunrise" 13k 3-31-92
"the landscape
of another planet" 25k 5-03-92
"plant springs
from icey mass" 13k 5-03-92
spring (may)" 25k 6-05-92
"dedicated to
Soviet Union" 17k 4-20-92
"birds silhouette
in setting sun" 13k 4-09-92
"the winter
tree and snow" 19k 3-31-92
"Unicorn Box
fido node ad, unicorn in the box" 10k 4-05-93
Asy's Unicorn in the rainbow" 8k 3-18-92
Asy's Unicorn, a profiled head portrait" 27k 3-05-92

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